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In Stock Ready to Pickup - UPSNow!

Everyone needs a high quality pure sine wave UPS. The IBM desktop made by Eaton offers 750watts and generous runtime. Need something bigger? The APC Smart UPS 3000 is the best system for 120volt units. Finally, ready to jump to high voltage, pure sine wave power. The APC 5kva Online is legendary. All units ready today..

Replacement Battery Service - easyRBC

Our easyRBC program offers replacement batteries for major UPSes in an easy plug and play process. We send you the new premade tray, you put the old tray back in the recycle box for return. Plus if the new battery tray does NOT solve the problem, you can return the batteries for a replacement unit..

Service Maintenance Contracts - Always GreenLight

Always GreenLight is our service plan program. We offer regular service, extended warranty coverage, labor and parts plans, and comprehensive plans as well for many models.

Trade in or

We offer trade in or ExchangeUPS service for many models. Upgrade your 3kva to a 5kva, or upgrade several small rack mount units to a centralized system. No matter your new needs, we can find value in your existing 1kva or high upses.
Or dont want to trade in.. just need them removed? We offer FREE pickup for all UPS systems.

UPS Solutions by the Month - NoBuyUPS

NoBuyUPS is a simple and affordable service that eliminates the hassle of buying and managing your battery backup needs. You pay monthly for what you need! NoBuyUPS delivers value by 1) Getting the UPSes you really need based on our expert evaluation. 2) Delivering and Installing these systems at your locations. 3) Performing preventive maintenance, Monitoring and Complete Replacements regularly and 4) Adjusting, Upgrading, or Removing your units to meet your needs. NoBuyUPS means NO MORE unexpected outages, installation hassles, wasted purchases, or maintenance calls.

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