Symmetra PX2 60kva Max 100k 480volt

Symmetra PX 100kva 3phase 3 cabinet with bypass pdu cabinet

The latest generation of the legendary PX. Now expandable to 100kva, these Symmetras are the ultimate scalable UPS solution. GreenLightUPS offers this line from 40kva to 100kva. A full 2 year warranty and turnkey service is available on all models. Buy these at the 40kva range and grow into the 100kva capacity as your needs change.

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Symmetra PX 40kva w/bypass

Our most popular unit, priced aggressively to replace non modular UPS replacements. The fully redundant 40kva with a 5th power module is paired with combination bypass and panel cabinet. Connect your PDUs directly to the built in panel and distribute power to each rack effortlessly.

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Symmetra PX 80kva w/bypass

The very best value in 3phase systems today. Backup everything on your full 3phase 200amp panel at a fraction of the cost of a new 100k Symmetra. In order to reduce cost, you can bring higher 480volt voltage, lower amperage power to the APC and output easy to use 208/120v wye power.

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