GreenLightUPS is just one of a handful of firms that can sell, service, support , repair and install these ultimate systems.

Modular Components

Made with separate power, battery and intelligence modules

Completely Hot-swapable

Modularility reduces costly failures & shutdowns and offers core redundancy.


Increase your power and runtime as you need it

Your Symmetra Grows with You

Scalability allows you buy a base frame and add power modules and batteries to increase power and runtime


Power, Battery and Control modules all have failsafe backups

If one parts fails, you stay online

Keep your system up and running against minor disruptions with full backup systems


Our units are rebuilt & fully tested with15month warranty

15 month warranty

Symmetra’s are only as good as their parts, so choose only a full depot repair and service company for your unit

We are ready to answer your Symmetra Questions.. 954-580-4070 x2

Or text Bob at 561-523-1925
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the complete line of Symmetras!

We carry them all including the basic 6kva rackmount (RM), the workhorse 16kva (LX), the extended run (LXXL) and the 40kva & 80kva  3phase (PX)

And we offer full TurnKey systems…

GreenLightUPS will design, build, deliver, assemble, electrify, start-up, and maintain your Symmetra through the years.

  • Dedicated Design Team to evaluate your needs and options.
  • Full Electrical and Installation Team, ready to deploy across the US
  • Full Service Options including preventive maintenance and extended warranties
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