GreenLightUPS is the leading new & refurbished source for Smart RT Online UPSes.

True Online

The absolute best power performance & protection system

For High-end Servers & Instruments

Online topology creates a “firewall” between utility power and your equipment

1.5 to 10kva Sizes

Many models and configuratons to meet your equipment needs

Low & High Voltage Solutions

120 volt solutions from 1.5 to 3kva.  200-240 volt units from 1.5kva to 10kva+

Exclusive Models

We offer mobile units, hardwired, and subpanel ready solutions

Only available at GreenLightUPS

The Oseries – mobile unit; The LabReady – 3kva with twistlock output; 42URT – 8hrs RT unit

Get One Tomorrow

FirstLightUPS is the best rush delivery service for UPSes

Fast and Affordable to 57 major cities

We ship your RT unit sameday to the nearest airport and then courier brings it to your door.  From $145

Refurbished Models

412g3 412g3 412g3 412g3
412g3 412g3 412g3 412g3
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393g3 593g3 693g3 896g3
393g4 593g4 693g4 896g4
look for other great models
593g4k 693g4k 896g4k 1096g4k
K – models feature standard stepdown transformers. S/F – models feature high quality isolation transformers
593g4s 693g4s 896g4s 1096g4f
look for other great models
412g3 412g3 412g3 412g3
other great models

We also sell new surplus Smart Online RT Models with fresh APC batts and 2 year warranty

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    Our Exclusive Systems…

    Frequently GreenLightUPS creates innovative products based on customer requests.   We have created hardwired-ready, mobile-ready, and generator alternatives based on the SURT frame.  Learn more and see the GreenLightUPS difference

    • Oseries –  Mobile conversions of RT units with built in transformers and XR cabinets.
    • Hardwire-Ready  – easily connect circuitry to RT units with pre-wired hardwired bundles
    • TwistLock Outputs –  Oddly APC does not offer a twistlock backplate for their 30amp 120volt systems
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