Before and After a Hurricane, we get a lot of calls from people needing advice on power protection.   Here were our most requested problems…

  • My UPS is chirping/switching back and forth while we are on generator!
    • That is normal if you are using a Line Interactive or Square Wave UPS together with a small generator.  Our advice is either a) upgrade to True Online /Double Conversion UPS which can take any power.  or  b) adjust the sensitivity on your SmartUPS to accept greater power fluctuations.
  • Can I plug in one UPS into another UPS to get more run-time?
    • In theory it sounds like it should work, but it wont.  The main reason is that during an outage the first UPS will provide power, but not at good enough power quality.  So the 2nd UPS will switch to battery as well.  Our advice is simple, upgrade to an extended run capable (XR) unit and then plug in extra batteries to it when you need it.   We made a few cords like this so people can connect car sized batteries to their XR ready units.