I have really never liked this unit from the start.  It has weak fans and poor cooling design, so it tends to get very hot.  And when it does, some of the relays fail.  We have about 20 or so in the repair trailer waiting to be worked on.

Recently, we have been getting calls about the units not working right.  However, what we usually find is that the unit works well, but just not long enough.   The 2U design means it only only has 480vah of battery power.  Which if its 50% or more loaded, means less than 10 minutes of runtime with a fresh battery pack and maybe 5 minutes towards the end of its life.

So what should you do?

  1. PLEASE please install a netcard!  A Netcard will allow you to a) monitor the UPS’s exact runtime based on your load, b)  setup a shutdown plan automatically when the UPS is about to run out of power, and c) give you a great data log to learn why and how your UPS is failing if need be.
  2. UPGRADE to a 3U extended run capable UPS.  The 333bn is a great unit with 864vah and built in netcard.   Plus mention this blog and we’ll give $100 trade in for your SUA3000RM2U or upgrade you to an Environmental card