As I resuming blogging… I’ll return to one of my favorite memes., the Better Value units.

Presenting the Tripplite Smart Online 3000….

When you think of Online Double Conversion 3kva units, the obvious choice is the APC Smart Online 313g4.

But maybe its time to save some money and consider the To313.


  1. PRICE – selling under $600, its $300 less than the average APC SURTA3000XL
  2. PDU READY PORT – unless you buy our APC modified SURTA, you wont get a L530R pdu ready power for output
  3. 2400WATTS – compared to the paltry 2100watts from the SURTA
  4. ULTRA RUNTIME READY – This Tripplite can take arrays of just 6 batteries for extended runtime needs, instead 16 needed for the SURTA

Order it today and tell them “Bob says this is the best”   I’ll throw in a free rail kit for the shout out.

Buy here: