I confess, in another life I would rather be a graphic designer or brand specialist.   Until that occurs, I have used the GreenLightUPS site to act as a canvas for some of my creative outlets.

So while our website has lots of interesting pages and graphics, many people dont get to see them as they are landing pages, specials or industry specific.

Here are some of my favorite graphics that lead some of our pages.

  • Control the Chaos – is our Preventive Maintenance page.  It features an abandoned shack in the West.  A customer and I talked about the theme last month.  He told that me that i was probably the only guy selling PM services to equate the lack of maintenance to post-apocalyptic ghost town.   But the picture is much more than that.  The mountains imply a sense of security for the house.  The blue sky suggests renewal is coming … and, and…. I guess I should stop.
  • Experience the Difference – is our 5kva Special landing page.   Why a fair skinned women creating ripples in airborne waves conveys APC Smart Online deals is probably too far-fetched to explain.  But, with so many people selling “refurbished” ups units along with socks, fishing tackle, and makeup kits, I wanted to convey a sense of honest magic.   Her look is one of skepticism, that can’t be impressed with anything.   However, just moments after she touches our UPS feed… she will get the magic of GreenLightUPS.   A sense-of-wonder awaits.
  • Reseller Ready – is our landing page for our premium line of UPS units.   Here again, an Asian capital city doesn’t automatically register as metaphor for premium UPS units.   But consider the energy of the skyline and realize everything there is fighting to be the best.   Our green hue re-enforces that this a GreenLightUPS product and the energy is all around and growing.