Inside Delivery

Off the truck and Into your Room

A $500 Value

Symmetras arrive with hundreds of pounds of individually boxed modules and frames.  SymmetraGO offers to bring these parts off the truck and into your server room.

Onsite Assembly

Build up your Symmetra Systems

A $1300 Value

Eliminate the confusing assembly instructions.  SymmetraGO will un box, test and load each module into its place.  Then we will remove all the packing material and trash.


Let Us Wire Up and Test your System

A $800 Value

Let your electrician bring power to the UPS, but let us do the final terminations.  We can test the systems voltage, amperage and phase rotation prior to startup.

Startup & Test

Get your unit running and tested for assurance

A $1047 Value

Unlike other UPSes, Symmetras must be started in a specific way.  SymmetraGO will start up each module safely reducing the risk of failures and disappointments.


Learn how to use and maintain your system

A $700 Value

Get the most out of your Symmetra! Let the SymmetraGO team give you hands on tutorial on how to test, maintain, and troubleshoot common problems.

Compare SymmetraGO with APC for a turnkey Symmetra LX


  • Inside Delivery included
  • Assembly included
  • Installation included
  • StartUP included
  • Training included

APC & 3rd Party

  • WHTGLOVE1K $500
  • ELECT1P125 $500
  • WNCT075220 $709
In most cases we arrive with the Symmetra in our truck and bring in each part to the final locations. We unpack and dispose of all packing materials.  Limits: Downtown areas and other limited access areas may incur additional fee.  Areas requiring special ramps or multiple elevator trips may be subject to an additional fee.
Assembly is the installation of the Symmetra’s modules, batteries, interconnection cables, rail kits and cabinets.  Limits: Price may change on multiple cabinet installations or other accessories such as PDUs, cabling or bypass switches.
Basic installation is the final termination of the electrical wiring from the disconnect.   During this process, we will check circuitry, grounding and over current protection. Limits: Installation does NOT include materials and labor to wire from your panel.  Consult our sister company for Florida installations or your licensed electrical contractor.
Startup includes the final electrical and system checks prior to energizing the unit.  Our techs will start the unit in several stages to make sure all components are working properly.  Once the system is up, basic diagnostic tests and performance checks will be done.  We will also connect to netcard if cable and networking information is provided.  Startup concludes by energizing your equipment and testing the system. Limits: In many cases a limited startup may occur, when your equipment is ready.  Additional trips are billed separately.
Our hands on training simulates four important Symmetra events.  Troubleshooting the system and learning how the diagnostic features work is part 1.  Part 2 is the rehearsal of removing modules.  Part 3 is the explanation of startup and shutdown.  Part 4 is demonstration of the netcard features and accessing basic settings.
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SymmetraGO... Turnkey Deployment of your Symmetra

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