Deep Cleaning

UPS Component Cleaning


Our techs safely de-energize critical parts and modules for thorough inspection and cleaning.  Our backpack tech vacuum makes the process hassle-free to you.

Full UPS Check

Full System Data Collection


We take hand held measurements and collect log and performance data about the UPS’s operation.  We also visually inspect components and connections.

Battery Scoring

Battery Celtronic Analysis

Bonus Service

The UPS’s most critical components are inspected, measured and recorded.  Cell resistance and Alber Centronic scoring is available for large battery arrays.

Thermal Scan

Electrical IR Imaging

Bonus Service

Few companies have the ability to thermally scan your electrical connections in and out of the UPS.  We use the latest FLIR® camera to inspect your system.

Fan Replacement

We replace your oldest fans

Bonus Service

Proper cooling and air circulation is critical for UPS performance and longevity.  During our preventative maintenance we will upgrade your older fans.

GreenLightUPS’s Performance Testing & Maintenance Service

Compare Our Control the Chaos PM with APC for a Symmetra LX


  • Full 12 Point Check
  • Deep Inside Component Cleaning
  • Download Data Logs
  • Thermal Imaging Feeder Circuitry
  • Fan Upgrade/Replacement


  • Same Service
  • WSAPMV-UG-01 Plan
  • No Thermal Imaging
  • No Celtronic Battery Check
  • No Fan Replacement
  • Physical Inspection and Operational Status
  • Electrical Feeder Inspections, Thermal Scanning, System Design, Environmental Checks.
  • Data Collection with hand tools and netcard data logs
  • Cleaning and 8 point manufacturers checks
  • Battery Inspection, Celtronic Analysis and Testing
  • Full detailed report with observations and Recommendations
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Preventative Maintenance keeps your UPS and running

Call GreenLightUPS for PM service on all makes and models of UPS upto 500kva
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