You made an investment in protecting your critical power systems with a high quality UPS. But, do you know if your investment will protect you when you really need. PM Visits instill confidence in your systems and contigency power plans. Choose GreenLight to check your system's components and batteries for reliability. You will get a full detailed report of its condition and actionable recommendations to improve or refine your power contigency plan.

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We want your system to last forever, but if something does happen a quick restoration is essential. With our extended warranty plans, you get the confidence that if a problem does occur a solution will be provided. As a true refurbisher and repair facility, our extended warranty plans are half the price of APC.

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The GreenLight Difference

Anyone can bring a checklist and say they completed a PM... but GreenLight really digs into the system to find and report out problems. We clean, check and learn about your system to keep it running. APC techs may provide you pages of data points... but they dont offer:
Fan module replacement
Thermal scan
MHoS Battery Analysis
Performance Recommendations
Outage Assesment Score

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