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Our units are built to order.  They are assembled and tested overnight through several charge cycles.   Once ready, units over 70lbs are safely shipped truck freight to a commercial address.  Smaller packages are shipped UPS Ground.


YRC Standard, UPS Ground 1-2 1 2-5

4-8 days



Orders are processed immediately and we book the fastest truck freight carrier.  This allows for predictable delivery date at the time of ordering.  Specialty carriers such as YRC, Daylight, and UPS offer rapid or weekend shipping.


YRC ExpressDaylight Transport 0 1 2-4

3-5 days




Affordable Express Delivery.   Everyone works to get your item processed within hours.  Its dropped off at the Air Cargo terminal for shipment to your nearest major airport.  We use both Delta and Southwest cargo services.  You can pick it up there, or wait for our carriers to personally deliver it to you.Learn More at :


Delta Cargo, Southwest Cargo 0 0 0-2

0-2 days




  • SELF SHIPPED – You may elect to ship with your carrier on your account.  We may charge a $10 or $25 packing charge.
  • LIFTGATE DELIVERY – Get help offloading the unit from the truck with this simple affordable service
  • TERMINAL PICKUP – Pickup your unit at the freight terminal at your convenience.
  • HOME FREIGHT DELIVERY – Truck freight customized for your driveway and doorway.
  • PERSONAL DELIVERY – Get the heavy units into your building and into your room.
  • RUSH SERVICE – Get priority handling to get your unit out the next day.
  • GUARANTEED DELIVERY–  All our carriers are willing to promise delivery dates to meet your schedule
  • TWO BOX PARCEL SERVICE – When UPS is the only option, we can send the item in two boxes.  One for the unit and another for batteries.




We can ship anywhere in the world.  And in some cases its surprisingly affordable.

  • DELIVERY TO PORT OF MIAMI – We deliver to your freight forwarder, you handle the rest
  • AIRPORT2AIRPORT – Airport Delivery for a fraction of DHL or FedEx Express services
  • LTC CARGO – Less than container shipping to most ports in the world
  • (Puerto Rico) – Magic Transport