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Save up to 70% off with our Recertified UPSes featuring fully refinished cosmetics, fresh new batteries and 15 month warranty.



UPSes are our ONLY business. We have 1000s of units in stock, across 500 different models sized from 500va to 300kva.



Unlike nearly other so-called refurbishers, we can repair, rebuild and fabricate anything to really refurbish the equipment.

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Most Popular 5kva Systems

5000va systems are some of the most popular units sold. Remember, these are all high voltage L630P input units, so you will need a transformer if you must power 120volt loads. Also check out our 5kva Oseries with wheels and isolation transformer for medical use.

Backup Your Entire Panel

With our PanelUPS systems, you can get protect everything on your panel with one powerful UPS. These systems can be fully customized to meet your runtime and backup needs, including with a generator option.

Best Sellers

Above are some of our Best Sellers. The 6kva is a smart upgrade to 5kva designs as it uses the same input plug. The 202b is priced well for simple rack protection. And we sell so many RT 10kvas that we should rename ourselves SURT10kvaUPS.

Fresh Newy Units on Sale

Newy units are sealed units that have had their batteries expire. We buy them, and then install fresh APC genuine batteries prior to shipping and cover the warranty for 2 years.

Blowout Deals & Closeouts

Shop some our blowout deals. The 312IBMN is the best bet for 3kva needs... you get a compact 2U frame, extended run option, rail kit, PDU and network card for a small fraction of new price. And who can't use another 750va somewhere?

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GreenLightUPS's prices and services allow us to undercut our competition and save our clients money. Thanks GreenLight Team

Keenan S. AirLink LLC - customer since 2009

→ References

Essential Scientific's facility UPS went down and the cost of repairs were outrageous. They called GreenLightUPS and we installed point of use UPSes for the really important equipment. Within hours we had their systems back online at a fraction of the centralized UPS repair cost.

Delivered six O Series UPSes the next day.

→ Case Studies

A large IT vendor was struggling to to fix multiple Symmetra systems with confusing errors. We offered to fly in with spare parts and solve their client's problems.

Flew into NYC and restored all their systems and let them be the hero.

→ Heroic Accomplishments

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