9155 single phase 10kva tower

Our most popular Eaton 9155. This compact unit is ideal for medical, industrial, laboratory, and datacenter applications.   Its main advantage over other 10kva units is that it has a true isolation transformer inside with offers unrivaled power conditioning AND multiple output voltages.  Don't pay the $9000 list price for this guy, but here for under $4000.

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At GreenLightUPS, you dont have to decipher the 20 different model matrix options, just let us know what your application is and what runtime you need.   We offer the complete range from 8-15kva in both single and three phase.   We have the extended runtime model, the GE Auxiliary contact model, and the stand alone OEM models.

Call us at 954-366-3070 and ask for your customer 9x55 solution today.

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Woe on the person that calls Eaton to try to repair their 9x55 UPS system.    Eaton service techs are well-trained but have no ability to do field repairs on these systems.  After spending $1800 for service call, they will tell you to buy another unit or replace the board that costs more than the machine.

Enter GreenLightUPS.   Over the years we cracked the design and reverse engineered the boards and power flow in order to properly refurbish the units.   That same knowledge can help us repair your unit.   DONT THROW AWAY YOUR UPS - REPAIR IT!

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