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We stock refurbished power modules, boards, contollers and Fully Serialized fresh SYBT5 type batteries with working interface.



Don't know where to start? Ask about FREE Site Evlaution or LX Rescue Service, guaranteed to get your unit up and running.



Only GreenLightUPS has the service team that can troubleshoot, service, and rescue any Symmetra LX at your site for less.

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Real Refurbished LX Batteries

Anyone can open an old SYBT5 tray and put some new batteries in it, but is that really refurbished? Only GreenLightUPS installs fresh new Powersonic batteries, cleans and resurfaces the shell and installs a new communication chip. This chip controls the health of the battery and protects your Symmetra. Removing or flashing the chip might make it work for awhile, but it wont have the Smart Symmetra features you need. Plus without a proper chip, you dont have age, serial number and health of the battery in the Symmetra display. Our Symmetra battery packs have real serial numbers that let you know the age of the battery. Few others really know the Symmetra enough to do this.

Service Contracts and Extended Warranties

Our Always GreenLight service plans offer you piece of mind protection for system failures over the term. We offer plans throughout the US, regardless whether you bought the system from us. Our plans are customized for your needs. We offer 4hour or Next Day response, rental, labor, parts and/or battery coverage.

Upgrade and Replacement Parts

The Symmetra LX is a modular frame type system. Its made up of 4 core types of modules, 6 types of backplates, and 7 communication and system parts. We have all of them ready to ship today.

US LX Rescue Service

If you have problems with your Symmetra LX, call us first at 954-366-3070 and we can arrange to send a rescue kit. Our rescue kit includes spare parts and tools to check your UPS system. Over the phone or via video chat our tech will work with you diagnosising and correcting the problems. Once we get it up and running, you can send back the kit and unused parts.

Preventive Maintenance & Certifications

Keep your backup system up and running with regular service visits. Our Preventive maintenance programs truly clean and evaluate your system to insure performance. Ask about how our Alber battery cell testing and thermal imaging offerings make our PM visits the most thorough and best value.

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