Dreaded Red X Inverter Fault

Red X Inverter Fault

GreenLightUPS is one of the only firms that can affordably repair the Red X faults on Smart Online RT Units UPS_FAILURE, Red X, Relay Failure, Inverter Fault… whatever they call it, it means your APC Smart Online UPS needs attention. Sadly, APC does not authorize anyone to work on these units and prefers you to buy another unit. But there is another way. Ask GreenLightUPS to repair your APC Smart Online RT today.

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RepairNOW! - Instant Repair Service

Instead of packing and shipping your sick UPS, just ask for our RepairNOW service. For a low price, we ship you a rebuilt UPS core and you ship us back the bad one. We repair it and get it ready for the next customer in need. That’s how confident we are in being able to repair them.

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Error Codes Decoded - Exclusive

Fault Type Fault Sequence Hex Fault Name APC Fault Name Repairable


10000 07 Overtemperature Fault Never Seen, maybe not deadly


11000 01 Brain Fault Logic Power Supply Fault Yes – brain transplant


10001 0D Relay Weld Fault Yes – but what caused the fault?


01000 06 A/D Fault DC Bus Overvoltage Fault Ugg – lots of problems


01100 11 TwoThree Battery Capacitor Soft Start Fault Yes – very common


01010 12 Ghost Fault Battery Charger Fault Yes – very common


01001 0F Surge Me Fault Bypass Relay Fault Yes – very easy


00100 0A PFC Death PFC Fault, Master Ugg – often not worth it


00110 10 Fan Fault/Fan Driver Fault Yes – easy but rare


00101 0E Output Relay Fault Ugg – lots of problems


00010 0C Site Wiring Backfeed Relay Weld Yes – but your electrician cause this?


00011 09 400V fault High Output Voltage Yes – get new capacitors too


00001 06, 0B Inverter Death Inverter Fault, Master Ugg – often not worth it

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